helps fundraising for your non profit organization


Cruise for Charity has  two goals:


(1)  to raise funds for education and research in fighting the ” terrorist within,” which is brain, lung and other cancers.


(2) to raise funds for worthy non-profit organizations, such as schools, MS, Kidney Founations etc.  that are not paying exorbitant salaries to their executives.  We may also arrange travel programs for individuals who are suffering and need an uplifting distraction.


Donations range from $50 per cabin for shorter cruises to $1000 per cabin for cruises on ships such as Seabourn, Crystal or land vacations by Tauck, A&K., Africa etc.


Corporations and non-profit organizations that are interested in creating a joint fundraising program or to offer this option to their employees who are thinking of a cruise or vacation can call 1 800 684-3260 ext 205 and talk to Zigmund Sepanski, volunteer Executive Director of Kill Cancer Foundation who developed the program.

We developed an innovative program where a charity  can receive a donation


(1) every time someone takes a participating cruise or a land vacation,

(2) non-profit group cruise fundraising, providing it is arranged through the program.


We also have a program for promotional logo products for non-profit organization where a portion is donated back to the non profit. Corporations that order products can also name a non-profit and our supplier will donate at least 10% of each order to the no-profit.


Corporations and non-profit organizations can partner with Cruise For Charity to create fundraising cruises or trips where the corporation receives the publicity and the non-profit receives a donation.